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Coming Out with Lauren & Nicole

Jul 26, 2018

The ridiculously charismatic Lance Lowe shares stories about growing up as a queer man of color, advocating for trans folks, and coming out to his mother just TWO WEEKS before we recorded this episode! He also teaches us the expression "queering your space," and tells the tale of his first sexual encounter via...

Jul 18, 2018

Funny AF writer/comedian Ally Johnson (Playboy Radio & CBS Radio; "Butch Pal For The Straight Gal") comes on the pod to tell us what it's like when your mom knows you're gay before you do, and how a broken heart can lead to a double expulsion from Catholic school... Also, Lauren is the only one in the closet who's NOT...

Jul 11, 2018

Tony Award winner Daisy Eagan (HBO's Girls; National Tour of "The Humans") was recently described by a friend as having gone from "sort of bi to full-on queer-poly in under a year." Daisy talks us through the ups and downs of her awesome and still-evolving personal renaissance; plus, we take a deep dive into polyamory,...

Jul 4, 2018

Actor Marc Anthony Samuel (General Hospital; NCIS; etc.) stops by with his dogs Jeff and Rooney to talk about how he evolved from identifying as "I'm gay!" to identifying as "I'm Marc." We also discuss how coming out is a choice and not a necessity; plus Lauren and Nicole court queer-friendly sponsors!